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Typography in UX Design

Windows Typography Design

The main task of typography as a visual representation of language is to convey information. Microsoft, like all the typography systems discussed in this article, strives for classics, conciseness, easy readability, and font scalability.

windows 11 typorgaphy design

Segoe UI Variable is a new system font for Windows. This is an updated version of the classic Segoe that uses variable font technology to dynamically provide excellent readability at very small sizes and improved outlines at display sizes.


font segoe in windows

Apple typography design

Apple offers two font families that support a wide variety of weights, sizes, styles, and languages: San Francisco (SF) and New York (NY).
Download Apple fonts

apple fonts Ney-York and SF

Not only will your choice of typography make your text readable, but it will also help clarify your information hierarchy, convey important content, and express your brand.

Arabic San Francisco Font

language support in UX Fonts


Adobe Fonts & Typography (Spectrum)

adobe fonts and typography design

typography in adobe

Read more about Adobe Typography:

Download Adobe Fonts

Typography in Carbon design system

IBM uses a typography system that is a multiple of 2, 4, or 8.

fonts in IMB


samples of using texts

Download IBM Fonts

Typography is an important part of the design system that ensures consistency across environments and platforms. Good typographic rules help present your content in a clear and effective way.

Anton Skrypnyk
Anton Skrypnyk
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