Засоби захисту рослин

From Strategy to Delivery, I Do It All

Design systems.

I am a designer who understands different design systems. I have worked with systems from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Samsung, IBM, Android, and many more. I make websites that look and work great on every device. There are 72 guidelines for different companies in my portfolio.


Columns and rows create important lines for visual rhythm, especially for typography.

Actions & Forms

The purpose of any device, interface, or even object is an effective user action.


A waiter can tell you about what is written on the menu in a restaurant and sell a pizza or a hamburger. About the drop-down menu on the site, only the menu itself will tell you.

UX Programs

The most popular UX design programs.

Design Process & Web Managament

Modern approaches to managing the process of developing sites.

Site content


Let’s talk.

I am a Product/Service designer who is passionate about unique ideas that help companies create their own amazing branding identities.

Засоби захисту рослин