Scrum in design

Scrum is a fashionable way to manage development in IT. Scrum is great when we don’t know what our product will be yet, we can’t predict the exact result. It can be good for a startup and when you need to improve an existing product.

Scrum Rules

Development is divided into cycles (iterations or sprints), and the result of each cycle is a working version of the product. Each task has a priority. The work goes according to the scenarios. People above all (People above processes). An assistant in the work is a board on which the status of tasks is reflected.

Scrum Components

Backlog, Sprint or Iteration, Stand up, Sprint Review, Scrum Retrospective.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a fashionable way of managing development in IT. A team of professionals comes out on top here: if inept guys implement Scrum, everything will only get worse. Ideally, people in such a team get high from their work, they are loyal and support the product.

The Scrum method is great when we don’t yet know what our product will be, we can’t predict the exact result. It can be good for a startup when you need to improve an existing product.


scrum in design

What is the Scrum methodology?

Scrum is a way of organizing work = a process framework. The essence of Scrum is that the team divides the work into parts and creates a product together with the customer. He personally gets involved in the processes, and constantly gives feedback.

The customer monitors the creation of the product at every stage and can tell in time if the result is not what he wants. At the same time, the team negotiates with the customer: asks what is wrong, why they don’t like it, and what needs to be changed. That is, the team does not make edits on the first word of the customer. She wants to make a quality product that solves business problems and benefits customers. Negotiations will help to find out what the real problem is and how to solve it.

Scrum methodology is used when a team is working on a new product and does not know exactly what the result should be. It depends on feedback, the market situation, and many other factors.


scrum master

Typical mistakes when conducting daily Scrum meetings

Imposing methodology.

Each participant must understand their tasks, the area of responsibility, and the overall goal that the whole team follows. It is a huge mistake when a manager strives to introduce know-how or any other management method as soon as possible and does not consult other specialists about it. Imposed daily Scrum meetings or other events will not bring the expected effect.

Audio or video recording of the meeting.

The scrum master is present at meetings and he is unlikely to review audio or video material from rallies. But for the team, the feeling that they are being watched will limit their freedom of behavior. Therefore, in most cases, it is a waste of time.

All team members are not involved.

Some employees think that they should only answer the 3 main questions of the Scrum Master, but this is a misconception. The rest of the team should also listen to the speaker and help him solve the problems that have arisen. The better the interaction in the team, the more effective the work on the project is.

Carry out Sprint planning in a daily Scrum.

These are two separate Scrum events that should not be mixed. Of course, during the daily Scrum, there are tasks for planning, but they need to be solved at a separate meeting.

No daily meetings.

Some teams believe that it is not necessary to hold Scrum meetings every day. However, it is only during such events that all employees understand what their colleagues are doing.

Total team management.

The manager should not independently set tasks for each specialist, it is more effective to formulate tasks and rely on the professionalism of the team.
Discussion of technical features. Not all team members have equal knowledge in the technical implementation of the project. Therefore, it is not necessary to devote time at meetings to discuss these points.

Holding meetings without a Scrum board.

To make it easier for the team to navigate how effectively the tasks are being performed, it is best to hold an event near the Scrum Board. This way the team will be able to see the progress of individual works.

Taking into account the main features of daily Scrum meetings and not forgetting about the main mistakes, it is possible to synchronize the work of the team, to start performing work on projects faster and better

Anton Skrypnyk
Anton Skrypnyk