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Maze testing Tool

maze testing tool


What the program allows you to do:

1. Test the concept

Gather feedback on ideas and concepts before starting development by interviewing real users

2. Create test prototypes

Check created page prototypes before programmers start working

3. Do Content Testing

Collect opinions from the target audience before launching the product


4. Collect user surveys

Deepen your understanding of user needs.


Ready-made testing templates

To speed up work with various testing tasks, the program offers ready-made templates.

Wireframe testing

wareframe testing

5 -second test

You will view an image for a limited time. Try to understand what the image is about and remember as much information as you can.

5 second test research

tree test menu research

The testing service is integrated with many well-known design programs

Maze allows you to import files directly from Figma, AdobeXD, Invision, Sketch, and Marvel.
To do this, you need to have edit access rights to the files. To import, simply insert a link to your project.


Anton Skrypnyk
Anton Skrypnyk
Засоби захисту рослин