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Icons and pictograms in different Design Systems

Icons or pictograms make the interface of any program or application beautiful. Which design system uses more beautiful icons? Apple, Windows or Android?

Apple Icon Design


Depending on the number of colors on the poppy platform, there are the following types of icons.

one color icons apple


colorful icons appleicon types in Apple

Watch this video about icons on IOS

Samsung icon system

What do they say about icons on Samsung?

Just as you build houses of different shapes from the same set of bricks, you can use the same set of components to further harmonize the symbols.


icons samung

samsung monochrome icons

Because rounded corners are commonly used in a UI, use rounded tops for icons. But make sure they fit together well.
However, the corners of the stroke should remain sharp to contrast with the rounded edges.

samsung icons constructions


Windows icons

Windows is perhaps the only platform that has not switched to completely flat icons and uses a three-dimensional style in infographics.

windows icons design

Anatomy in Windows

Icons are divided into basic and modified. That is, those that have an additional value or function based on basic evidence.

Symbols are the most important elements of a metaphor. Basic elements must occupy the entire space of the symbol.

Modifiers change the meaning of the main character. The modifier must be placed in the lower quarter of the sign.

icons anaomy in Windows

The icon itself doesn’t matter, so it should always be associated with a label, action, or something similar. The symbol itself helps convey the idea, but the label must convey the meaning. The icon is a visual aid only. Choose your symbol and corresponding label carefully so that together they have a strong and not misleading meaning.

Using a symbol to convey a concept is not always easy. If you find yourself in this situation, consider using text only.

Anton Skrypnyk
Anton Skrypnyk
Засоби захисту рослин