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Tone of voice

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First of all, we choose our target. What do we plan to do on the site?

Teach users, sell them something, entertain or inform them.

How we sell or how we educate or entertain users determines the voice of our brand.

We will talk about the qualities that can be inherent in both a person and a brand. And we will translate the qualities of character into words.

What does friendly mean?
With a friendly voice, it’s like you’re talking to a relative or colleague. That is, we do not want to seem boring. But we want to come across as knowledgeable or experienced and trustworthy.

If we start talking condescendingly, then we will violate our parity of equality.

How to be yourself and be confident in yourself?
Please be honest and direct. Avoid formalities, harsh language, and sarcasm. Try not to write long sentences and say a lot at once. Move away from approximations and imprecise wording, evasive phrases such as “like” and “according to.” It is worth refraining from clichés and empty promises. Such as “high quality”, and “our brand is a reliable brand”.

You can’t buy a good mood in a store
Look at the world from the sunny side. Avoid negative comparisons. Do not write badly about competitors. This is not the way a positive brand should grow. Just create situations of success. Be successful yourself and help others grow. And stay away from fear and doubt. Celebrate what you do. Our audience appreciates the craftsmanship and your creative enthusiasm.

Don’t think that you are the smartest
Show our audience that you also doubt that you are also a real person, get tired, and feel disappointed, but still a bright and positive look is the basis of your life. Write about your hobbies or activities you do outside of work. Play with words. Surprise and clarity. Frivolity, simplicity, and sincerity make people’s relationships strong and expressive.

When we talk about a brand’s tone of voice, we mean consistency. Like all music that sounds in the same key. And the sequence in this case sounds like a promise to treat the user and their work responsibilities with a certain attitude.

But still, the beauty of the melody is in the change of keys. We do not speak with the same voice in life. But we change our tone depending on the context of the situation. And the appropriateness of the change of tone determines our politeness, our correct behavior.

An important point that Adobe emphasizes in his branding guide is that voice is the personality of our products, and tone is the different ways we express that personality.

For example, we can add a formal tone to words. Sort everything into pieces. After all, rationality is when everything
clear and understandable. And everyone is happy about it, if they expect it from us now.

Focus. Accuracy. Laconic and simple. Another side of seriousness. Describe only what you need, without unnecessary decorations. We may use this brand voice for instructions or for other things that are not comparable and are simply referred to by their proper names.

We can change our tone depending on the situation and the people around us. Although, for example, we may speak differently to a family member if he was sad, happy, or upset, and we will also speak differently to our boss.

The same applies to how we talk to users.

The brand tone is a great musical instrument that creates a positive user experience.

Anton Skrypnyk
Anton Skrypnyk
Засоби захисту рослин