Засоби захисту рослин
cottage complex branding

Website development
and branding

Website for sale of land

Life as it
should be!

Family and home are
the most important things in our life.

Zalesye is a unique natural and suburban space, where modern, purposeful people, successful entrepreneurs, highly qualified specialists, and everyone who is close to the idea of their own home life.  Here every one is proud of the place where he lives and feels responsible for new neighbors and friends.

sale of land site

Completed works


I designed the logo, billboard, business cards, and other elements of brand visual recognition.

Video clip

I developed a video clip to advertise the sale of land. My work included creating a creative script, working with a video operator, selecting music, editing a video, writing texts for a video.

Web Design & Site Development

My work included the creation of design, as well as the layout of the project in WordPress.

sale of land sitecorporate identity and business cards design

girl in home

The color scheme of the branding of the cottage village is cozy and environmentally friendly. Blue is the color of the sky and water. Green is the color of the forest, grass, trees, and nature. Every piece of land is a place where we invest our love.

Script development, music, video editing

a video clip

business cards designsale of land cup with logosale of land site billboard

Branding concept

The idea of ​​buying a land plot is to create a cozy corner, a family nest –  a place where all family members feel comfortable and positive. The way for you to grow fresh, organic, healthy food in your garden. Living in silence, in the fresh air, on our own land, drinking spring water – is the best thing we can do for ourselves in life. Only on our site, we can create the perfect vacation for ourselves and our friends.

That is why the branding values ​​of the cottage village – make every day of our life real in a beautiful natural environment. Every significant step, such as buying a land plot or building a house, we do for our family.

bird logo design

Cottage complex site

Засоби захисту рослин